'They forgot about us': Sharpeville almost 60 years later

In the build up to the upcoming national elections, residents of the historic town of Sharpeville say that although a lot has changed since apartheid, a lot more needs to be done to improve the township.

SHARPEVILLE - 'I still say it was all in vain.' These are the heartbreaking words of Daniel Pooe, a survivor of the Sharpeville massacre that saw apartheid era police open fire on thousands of black South Africans when they marched against pass laws.

According to Pooe, since that historic day, not much has been done for Sharpeville and its residents, saying that there is a high unemployment rate in the area, inadequate housing and not enough effort from government to improve the township.

"Our government makes promises and does nothing. Worst of all, there are no more jobs."

Fellow survivor Selena Mnguni shared Pooe's sentiment, saying that the only time government officials ever remembered Sharpeville was on the anniversary of the massacre.

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