Residents of flood-hit Port St Johns to get temporary IDs ahead of elections

A group of people waiting for emergency relief food parcels have told EWN they’re disappointed and may punish the governing party at the polls.

At least four people were killed following flooding over the Easter weekend in Port Saint Johns, in the Eastern Cape. Picture: @BantuHolomisa/Twitter

PORT ST JOHNS - Port St Johns residents who lost their identity documents in the recent floods are set to receive temporary documents that will enable them to vote in next week's elections.

Floods hit the area last week, damaging property, with some residents losing all their possessions.

A group of people waiting for emergency relief food parcels told Eyewitness News they were disappointed and might punish the governing party at the polls.

Floods there killed 10 people and destroyed 300 homes at the mouth of the Umzimvubu River.

Mayor Nomvuzo Mlombile-Cingo said the municipality was working to organise temporary identity documents for those who have lost theirs.

Resident Lonwabo Peto, who waited outside the town hall for food relief parcels, said the floods would have an impact on next week’s elections there.

“A lot of people are not going to vote if they are not fast with these IDs and I don’t think a lot of people are going to vote for the ANC because they are disappointed. They even promised us yesterday that the president was coming, but we didn’t see a president, we only saw a picture on a bus, just a picture of Cyril Ramaphosa.”

Nomvelile Ngxokile said her home was flooded but she would stick to the ANC.

“ANC is our home. If ANC has got a problem, we’re supposed to sit and talk because it’s our home, we’re not going to leave this home because your home’s got mistakes. We’re supposed to sit and talk.”

There are still talks to decide if the town should be declared a disaster area.