Families evacuated as flooding hits parts of SA after heavy rain

Emergency services in several provinces are dealing with the aftermath of heavy rains, localised flooding and car crashes.

A home in Port St Johns after flooding hit after heavy rain in the area on 22 April 2019. Picture: @BantuHolomisa/Twitter

JOHANNESBURG – Emergency services officials are dealing with several disasters across the country due to the heavy rainfall.

In KwaZulu-Natal, a number of areas, including Durban have been flooded.

Emergency services' Robert McKenzie said that residents must be careful.

“There has been extensive localised flooding - the old airport is one of them. The M7 is another one and other lower-lying roads are affected.

“Also, if there’s a deep pool of water and you’re not sure if it’s preferable to drive, rather be safe than sorry. Don’t drive through it.”

Meanwhile, in the Eastern Cape, in Port St Johns, hundreds of people have been evacuated due to flooding.

Displaced residents are now seeking shelter in churches and local businesses.

In Johannesburg, spokesperson Robert Mulaudzi said that they are on high alert.

“We’re urging all our motorists to continue to keep safe following distance, make sure that they obey rules of the road. We’ll remain on high alert, monitoring all our low-lying areas to make sure that we can respond to any emergency that might occur.”

(Edited by Zamangwane Shange)