Malema wants to remove borders in SA - but how will it work?

The EFF leader told Eusebius McKaiser if countries don't pay their bills for their people's services here, there would be consequences.

Julius Malema

JOHANNESBURG – Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema said on Thursday that if his party became the ruling party after the elections, he would do away with borders.

He said this on the Eusebius McKaiser show on 702, adding it was part of removing the boundaries that were put in place during colonialism.

“If the EFF becomes the government tomorrow, those things of borders, we will not have them. They were imposed on us by colonisers."

He said this would help free the movement of goods and services across the continent, and in the end allow the economies of African states to trade efficiently.

Malema said his party would do all it can to restore South Africa's relations with other African countries.

He said this could achieve wider economic benefits for most African states, and that it would help improve cooperation among countries. The EFF leader said this would be done to build national and continent unity.

When asked by McKaiser how it would work, Malema said the state would bill the relevant country.

“If we service a Zimbabwean in Seshego Hospital, then we take that bill to the Zimbabwean government… We have to build regional structures including continental structures including legislature that is binding and that has consequences because free movement of goods and people should be regulated,” Malema said.

“If your people get serviced in a particular country and you’re given a bill and you don’t service it, then there must be consequences. We must be able to litigate in whatever court that has jurisdiction to force the concerned state to pay us because we need to build African unity.

“This African unity can only be built if there are African institutions that have powers that are binding."

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