Cape Town underworld extortion trial postponed

The group, which includes Nafiz Modack and Colin Booysen, allegedly extorted R90,000 out of the Grand Café in Table Bay harbor in 2017.

FILE: Colin Booysen and businessman Nafiz Modack (R) appeared in Cape Town Regional Court. Picture: Shamiela Fisher/EWN

CAPE TOWN - An extortion trial against a group of suspected Cape Town underworld figures has been postponed until July.

Nafiz Modack, Colin Booysen – who is the brother of alleged gang kingpin Jerome 'Donkie' Booysen - and two others are on trial in the Cape Town Regional Court.

The group allegedly extorted R90,000 out of the Grand Café in Table Bay harbour in 2017.

Bradley Dijkers, who was the brand manager for the Grand Café, was the State’s first witness. He spent days testifying, having to explain how the Grand was allegedly extorted by the accused in November 2017.

He has also been grilled by an adamant defence which tried to poke as many holes in his testimony as possible.

On the stand, Dijkers admitted to having gone to Modack’s archrival, Mark Lifman, for help as he feared for his safety when Modack and his accused were arrested in December 2017.

He said he met with Lifman because he wanted him to refer him to someone for personal security.

However, under cross-examination the defence’s advocates were relentless, getting Dijkers to concede that he was never directly threatened and that he based his fears that TSG security was mounting a hostile security takeover on nothing more than industry rumours and news reports.

Modack is believed to have headed up a grouping that forcibly took over security at city restaurants and nightclubs from an older faction led by Lifman.