Alex protest convenor: Mashaba must apologise for calling residents drunk

Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba received a hostile reception in Alexandra and was booed by the residents who also tore up copies of a plan he was meant to present.

Residents of Alexandra disrupt Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba's address at the Marlboro community hall on 15 April 2019. Picture: Abigail Javier/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - The Alexandra Total Shutdown Movement said on Tuesday Joburg Mayor Herman Mashaba made a grave by criticising residents on social media and claiming that they were drunk.

Mashaba went to the township on Monday night, two weeks after protests began over a lack of service delivery.

He received a hostile reception and was booed by the residents, who also tore up copies of a plan he was meant to present.

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Alexandra protest convenor Sandile Mavundla said that the mayor was supposed to apologise first before he started addressing them.

"He was supposed to retract all those statements and apologise publically, that 'guys, I've made mistakes'. I'm not a drinker, I don't even know the taste of alcohol, it's not like it was unruly...if you disrespect people, why do you want people to respect you?"

Mavundla said despite the latest developments, they still wanted to hear what Mashaba has to say.

"Our politicians need advice. Those so-called political advisers they're always misleading our leaders. They [leaders] need to engage with us."

Mashaba has insisted that he went out of his way to deal with residents' issues but was not given a chance to.

"I went out of my normal prescribed legislative framework of the IDP so that I deal specifically with the issues of Alexandra and that presentation is available for the world to see."

The mayor is also adamant that ANC politicians orchestrated the protests and the subsequent chaos.

"I find it very strange as South Africans that this matter was totally overlooked. Michael Sun, because he is of Chinese descent, nobody was worried about him - how he was hit, how he was handled - when he was abused by ANC people, in front of the media."

He said that he has proof that those attending the scheduled meeting were intoxicated.

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