Rivonia trialists Goldberg and Mlangeni honoured with doctorates at CPUT

Professor Denis Goldberg and Dr Andrew Mlangeni received honourary doctorates in engineering and public administration, respectively.

Professor Denis Goldberg and Dr Andrew Mlangeni receive honourary doctorates from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. Picture @FulhamBoys_JG/Twitter

CAPE TOWN - The last surviving Rivonia trialists has received honorary doctorates on Thursday.

Professor Denis Goldberg and Dr Andrew Mlangeni were reunited when they were capped at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT).

Goldberg celebrated his 86th birthday on Thursday and received an honourary doctorate in engineering.

He described the placing of the hood around his neck as similar to the experience of facing the hangman's noose in the 1960s.

Speaking about the numerous challenges facing the country, Goldberg warned against pessimism.

"We've got water problems. We've got electricity problems, we've got social problems. It's as if the future is doomed. It isn't. It's up to us as thinkers, it's up to us as practical people," he said.

Mlangeni (93) was awarded his honourary doctorate in public administration.

The struggle stalwart urged the youth to vote in the upcoming elections.

"Half of the youth in this room have not registered to vote. A person who doesn't vote also has no right to complain when politics do not go their way. So those who registered to vote please go and vote."