Land Party proposes collective farming, Green Party backs renewable energy

The Land Party was born out of protests for land and housing in the Hermanus area.

Farming. Picture: AFP.

CAPE TOWN - The Land Party says that people should decide on how the land should be distributed.

The party was born out of protests for land and housing in the Hermanus area.

President Gcobani Ndzongana says that collective farming should be introduced.

The party's Gcobani Ndzongana: "When you talk about the land issue, we want to introduce collective farming, not individual ownership of land, there must be cooperation."

Meanwhile, the Green Party of South Africa says that the environmental situation on planet Earth requires much more immediate attention than most people realise.

The party's Jason Sole says that they want to introduce a sustainable future for South Africa and wants to get a 'green voice' in Parliament to hold people to account for their decisions not only relating to the environment but to global climate change.

"I can assure you that based on the information we've been receiving with what's going on with our climate, that if you're not voting Green Party in this coming election, very soon you will be voting Green Party on the basis that the planet around you is deteriorating at an astronomical rate and no one seems to talk about it."

On the issue of load shedding, Sole says that they're advocating for renewable energy.

"If you consider the pricing of renewable systems, we would like for electricity to be as free as possible once the capital costs of implementing renewable systems have been covered."