Carletonville crèche shut down after teacher filmed beating children

Owner of the Carletonville crèche Janine Edwards claims she only learnt about the attacks just over a week ago and says they happened more than a year ago.

JOHANNESBURG - The Gauteng Social Development Department has closed down the illegal Carletonville nursery school following the abuse of young children and says counselling will be offered to anyone affected by the crimes.

Owner of the Carletonville crèche Janine Edwards claimed she only learnt about the attacks which were captured on camera just over a week ago and said they happened more than a year ago.

But some parents insist she knew about the abuse and failed to act.

Parents who came to fetch their children at the nursery school said they won’t be bringing them back.

One of the parents, who did not want to be named, said she took her child out of this crèche months ago after noticing how the owner treated children.

“I took him out as I was unhappy with the service. I know the lady and she’s very rude… the way she treated parents and children.”

Parents gathered outside the nursery ahead of Mayathula-Khoza’s visit.

The MEC said she was shocked by the footage of young children being beaten at the nursery school.

The MEC said the principal had been barred from opening another crèche until investigations are concluded.

She added that her department will be working with other early childhood development facilities in the area to accommodate the children.


The mother of one of the children said she will lay a criminal complaint with police against the owner of the crèche.

The child was seen being shoved and forced to go to sleep in one of the videos, with her mother claiming the principal knew about the abuse.

She said her two-year-old daughter started losing weight and had bruises which the principal dismissed.

The mother said she took her daughter out of the school late last year after noticing signs that something was wrong.

She said her daughter stopped eating, playing and would curl herself up in a corner and cry without any apparent reason.

The mother said she confronted the principal but was told that the bruises on her child’s body could have resulted from playing with other children.

She said the principal must be arrested for being complicit in the crimes.

(Edited by Shimoney Regter)