ANC appalled by abuse at Carletonville nursery school

One person has been arrested after videos showing children being abused at a Carletonville nursery school went viral.

The Ninnies Neuron's Nursery School where a teacher was filmed beating children. Picture: Robinson Nqola/EWN

JOHANNESBURG – The African National Congress (ANC) says it is appalled by the videos that have gone viral showing children being abused at a Carletonville nursery school.

It says the female teacher who was captured in one video assaulting a young child must face the harshest possible sentence.

The teacher was granted bail on Monday and her case has been postponed to next month.

The nursery school says it laid a criminal complaint against the person who took the video who has been identified only as a former teacher at the school.

The ANC's Mojo Kadi says, “We were shocked to see it on social media. They’re still operating but we will talk with Social Development to inquire about the details and whether is the nursery registered or not.”

The EFF in the region also visited the school and has condemned the abuse.

The party's James Ncedani says, “We’ll actually go and follow up on the case and ensure that the particular persons or perpetrators are put in jail because this is unacceptable behaviour and it’s behaviour we do not want to see again.”

The principal of the school says after learning of the abuse over a week ago, she reported the woman to Child Protection Services.

The teacher was arrested last week Friday.

The crèche says the video was taken a year ago - and yet only went viral on social media on Thursday.