CT train security costs R4.5 million a month, says Metrorail

Metrorail says since implementing additional security measures it has made 347 arrests in the province.

Metrorail says new security measures implemented in 2018 have yielded results, with an arrested of over 300 people in the Western Cape. Picture: Kaylynn Palm/EWN

CAPE TOWN - Metrorail says that over the past 12 months damage caused to rail infrastructure amounts to R134.1 million in the Western Cape.

The cost of theft of infrastructure amounted to almost R26 million.

Metrorail says that since implementing additional security measures, it has made 347 arrests in the province.

Following a spate of attacks on the rail network, Metrorail introduced extra security measures, including drone surveillance and crime intelligence.

They also introduced armed escorts for staff.

Metrorail Western Cape regional manager Richard Walker says that the additional security is costing them R4.5 million a month.

“We now need to move to a point where we stop arresting foot soldiers and get to the middlemen, crime bosses, who are running bucket shops in these areas.”

In October 2018, the Rail Enforcement Unit was deployed on Cape Town trains, since then there have been no arson attacks.

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But there’s also not been any arrests following the attacks.

Walker mapped the way forward, saying it’s become essential that the demand for scrap metal be adequately regulated and enforced.

He added that the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa would soon make an announcement about new trains.

(Edited by Zamangwane Shange)