Kevin Spacey loses bid to name accuser

The former 'House of Cards' star has been accused by a masseur of forcing him to touch his genitals and groping him during a massage.

FILE: Actor Kevin Spacey at the season 4 premiere screening of 'House of Cards' in Washington in February 2016. Picture: AFP

LONDON - Kevin Spacey has had a motion to name a man who has accused him of sexual assault denied.

The former House of Cards star has been accused by a masseur of forcing him to touch his genitals and groping him during a massage, and the 59-year-old actor filed a court motion to name the man, arguing that concealing his real name could "delay the opening of discovery and disclosure".

However, according to, a California judge ruled on Wednesday: "Defendant's request to order Plaintiff to reveal his identity is inappropriate given that Plaintiff's Motion to Proceed Anonymously is currently pending with the Court."

Spacey's attorney's also accused the alleged victim - who is in his 60s - and his legal team of refusing to participate in scheduling a conference.

The man filed his lawsuit against the 59-year-old actor in September last year.

In the documents, the masseuse alleged Spacey forced him to touch his genitals and groped him during a massage in October 2016 before letting him go after having his offer to perform oral sex was refused.

The alleged victim claims the American Beauty actor had locked the door of the room they were in and complained of pain in his groin area, eventually grabbing the masseur's hand and putting it on his scrotum and testicles.

The man told how he ignored this and tried to continue the treatment, but when it allegedly happened a second time, he backed away and said: "What are you doing? This is ridiculous. I am a professional. This is what I do for a living. I have a son."

The suit continued: "Spacey stood up from the massage table, exposing his naked body to Plaintiff.

"He then moved towards Plaintiff stating 'you have such beautiful eyes', and grabbed Plaintiff's shoulders pulling him closer, for what felt to Plaintiff like an attempted kiss.

"While Plaintiff continued backing away from Spacey's naked body stating words to the effect that 'This is over -- just let me go', Spacey grabbed Plaintiff's genitals over his clothing and said words to the effect 'Just let me give you a b**w job.' "

Spacey was fired from Netflix drama_ House of Cards_ over the previous sexual assault allegations made against him and replaced in the drama All The Money In The World.

In November 2017, he entered a treatment facility and has remained out of the public eye since.