Sam Smith reveals he’s considered having sex change

The singer has described himself as ‘non-binary and genderqueer’ as he feels like he floats ‘somewhere in between’ the two genders in his mind.

Singer Sam Smith. Picture: @samsmithworld/

LONDON - Stay With Me hitmaker Sam Smith has spoken candidly about gender identity and revealed he isn’t male or female, instead of identifying as “non-binary [and] genderqueer”.

The 26-year-old singer said he feels like he floats somewhere in between the two genders in his mind.

Although he thought about becoming a woman in the past, he now has dismissed the idea of having a sex change.

Asked by Jameela Jamil during the premiere episode of her new I Weigh Interviews Instagram series what gender labels mean to him, Smith said: “You do not identify in a gender. You are just you ... you are your own special creation. That is how I take it. I am not male or female. I think I float somewhere in between - somewhat on the spectrum. I’ve always had a bit of a war in my body and my mind ... I do think like a woman in my head at times. I’ve sometimes sat there and questioned, ‘Do I want a sex change?’ It’s something I still think about, but I don’t think it is.”

The Too Good at Goodbyes singer opened up about dealing with gender issues throughout his life and revealed he stopped wearing ‘boys’ clothes to school when he was 16, instead of turning to fur, leggings and make-up before switching to his signature suits to conceal his weight issues a few years later.

He also revealed how he can be feminine in many ways - including in his love life - and explained how he has been trying to adopt his free attitude to sex into his thoughts on gender.

He said: “I’ve always been very free in terms of thinking about sexuality. I’ve tried to change that into my thoughts on gender... when I move, when I have sex with men, it’s very feminine. I’m feminine in many ways - and I’ve resented that.”