Deadly day at schools around the world

Grade 11 pupil Khulani Mathebula from Mondeor High was stabbed to death while on his way to school on Wednesday morning.

Picture: EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - It’s been a deadly Wednesday at schools around the world, with a mass shooting in Brazil, a building collapse in Nigeria and a high school pupil stabbed to death in Johannesburg.

Gauteng police had set a 72-hour deadline for themselves to track down the killers of 19-year-old Kulani Mathebula, and later in the afternoon, one suspect - aged 13 - was arrested.

The grade 11 pupil from Mondeor High was stabbed to death while on his way to school on Wednesday morning.

Mathebula was found unresponsive near the school premises and was declared dead by paramedics.

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Gauteng acting police commissioner Max Masha said a team of detectives have been appointed to track down more suspects.

“We’ve activated our 72-hour action plan. We intend to arrest the suspects within 72 hours.”

Masha said video footage will also assist police in their investigation.

“We’re still going to work on them and use resources that we have, as police, to ensure that we find and arrest the suspects as soon as possible.”

The principal of Mondeor High School, who was one of the first people on the scene, said she’s distraught.

She said Mathebula was still alive when she arrived but was not able to speak in his final moments.

Meanwhile, Lagos governor Akinwunmi Ambode has confirmed some people were killed when a building that housed a school collapsed earlier on Wednesday.

Authorities have confirmed 25 people have, so far, been rescued but it’s believed over 100 schoolchildren were inside the multi-story structure when it caved in.

At the same time, Brazilian authorities are investigating a mass shooting in Sao Paulo that claimed at least nine lives.

Five of those gunned down in the grade school were children, 17 others, mostly pupils, were wounded in the attack.