Protesting Parkwood residents want WCED to rebuild damaged schools

The organisation’s Paul Phillips says at this school, the building is falling apart with windows that cannot open and asbestos roofs.

A group of Parkwood residents holding placards outside Parkwood Primary school during a demonstration against what they call falling apart school buildings. Picture: Supplied.

CAPE TOWN - A group of Parkwood residents is calling on the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) to rebuild three primary schools it says are falling apart.

On Thursday, the Concerned Parents and Community of Parkwood Estate Movement shut down three primary schools - Parkwood, Hyde Park and Montagu’s Gift.

Residents and learners held a protest outside Parkwood Primary school on Thursday morning calling for schools to be redesigned and rebuilt.

The organisation’s Paul Phillips said at one school, the building was falling apart with windows that cannot open and asbestos roofs.

“They are putting our kids at risk. The school doesn’t even comply with their own requirements. We demand that the school be maintained, demolished and rebuild.”

The Western Cape Education Department said it has long term plans, including the replacement of schools.

Western Cape Education Department spokesperson Bronagh Hammond said: “We cannot be forced into replacing these schools and putting them at the top of our list when there are more immediate concerns at the province.”

(Edited by Zamangwane Shange)