Rose McGowan believes Michael Jackson 'was a bad man'

Rose McGowan - who shared her own story of alleged sexual abuse by Harvey Weinstein - wouldn't want to try to erase Michael's music from history.

FILE: Actress Rose McGowan attends New York Academy of Art's Tribeca Ball 2016 on 4 April 2016 in New York City. Picture: AFP

LONDON - Rose McGowan says Michael Jackson fans need to accept that their hero was a bad man, but insists it doesn't mean they can't still listen to or enjoy his music.

The 45-year-old actress has offered her opinion on the controversial _Leaving Neverland _documentary which features allegations from Wade Robson and James Safechuck, who claim that Jackson sexually abused them as children.

She insists she believes both accusers and says the late King of Pop's fans need to realise that people are really complex and even though he could be guilty of these crimes, he is still a great musician.

Speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live Headliners, she said: "Of course I [believe what these men are saying is true]. Why on earth would anyone want to come out and expose themselves to so much hate if they weren't trying to regain some control in their own life? Control that had been robbed and stolen, and I'm sorry your hero was a bad man, I'm really sorry your hero was bad. It doesn't mean that you can't listen to or enjoy his music, you just have to understand that people are really complex and this person had a particular complexity that hurt a lot of others."

McGowan - who shared her own story of alleged sexual abuse at the hands of disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein - wouldn't want to try to erase Jackson's music from history, because such situations aren't black and white.

She said: "If I never wanted to absorb any entertainment again, I would be sitting in a room by myself if I only wanted good person to deliver me this entertainment. But it doesn't make it OK once we learn about it for them to continue their careers necessarily. But for their past work, it is what it is, it's already out there, I don't want to strip Michael Jackson lovers from his music, but I will say you can look at people and they can have done something bad."

Robson alleged he was sexually abused by Jackson from the age of seven until 14, while Safechuck - who previously testified on Jackson's behalf when he was accused of sexual abuse in 1993 - claimed he was a victim from the age of 10 until he hit puberty.

Many of Jackson's fans have branded the allegations in the documentary as false and Jackson's estate - who are reportedly suing HBO, who co-produced the movie with Channel 4 - lashed out at Safechuck and Robson branding them perjurers and admitted liars.