What the DA's election manifesto says about land reform

Here's what the Democratic Alliance says must happen with land reform.

DA leader Mmusi Maimane at the launch of the DA election manifesto.

JOHANNESBURG - The Democratic Alliance launched its election manifesto on Saturday at Rand Stadium in Johannesburg ahead of general elections set for 8 May.

In its manifesto, the party made its plans for the country clear, from land to helping small business.

"The current land reform programme is riddled with corruption, the diversion of the land reform budget to elites, lack of political will, and lack of training and capacity – all of which have proved serious stumbling blocks to meaningful land reform," the manifesto read.

The party said in the manifesto land reform can and should be used to help economic development.

"The DA believes in the importance of land reform not only because of the imperative for redress but also because, if done in the right way, land reform can also be a powerful tool for the economic development of individuals and communities."

It said that it doesn't believe that needs to be "carried out in a way that takes from one to give to another".

"The current plans for expropriation without compensation make land reform a zero-sum game when it need not be. A DA national government will implement land reform where all stakeholders are winners," the DA states in its manifesto.

The oppoisition party stated the following plans for redress on land:

  • Prioritising land reform in the budget and cutting back on unnecessary spending;

  • Working with all stakeholders, including traditional leaders and communities, to give title deeds to those who currently live on communal land;

  • Making sure suitable government-owned land that isn’t used will be released and divided for land reform and housing needs;

  • Giving title deeds to urban housing beneficiaries so that they can pass their homes on to their children;

  • Creating voluntary incentivised partnerships with farmers so that farmworkers can own shares in the farms they work on;

  • Support those land reform beneficiaries who want to farm with the skills, resources and market access they need to be successful; and

  • Prioritise the speedy settlement of all land claims.

The full manifesto is below