VBS Bank scandal: Wife of Vele Investments CEO spills the beans

Khosi Madzonga, the wife of Vele Investments CEO Robert Madzonga, spoke to Talk Radio 702 about the VBS scandal.

CAPE TOWN - The estranged wife of Vele Investments CEO Robert Madzonga says she had no part in the VBS scandal and wants to clear her name.

Khosi Madzonga explains how she first found out about the VBS scandal.

“I was busy with my own things. I was never the wife who followed every detail. I never followed his business details.”

Last year, the South African Reserve Bank released a report which revealed how R1.8 billion was looted from the bank.

Madzonga also claims her husband is hiding more money.

"I'm not part of this money. I don't have this money. I don't own this money."

Listen to the audio for more.

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