Defamation case of Sedibe vs Safa postponed

Former Safa CEO Leslie Sedibe is intent on clearing his name after he was banned by Fifa for five-years for match-fixing.

FILE: Leslie Sedibe.  Picture: Christa Eybers/EWN

CAPE TOWN - Former Safa CEO Leslie Sedibe’s defamation case against the association, which was set to be heard on Friday in the High Court, has been postponed until a new date is set.

Sedibe’s representative David Swartz of SWVG Attorneys confirmed the postponement to EWN Sport on Thursday.

“We have agreed to a postponement, we will be applying for a new date. We got new documents from Safa this week that we need to sift through. Several of these documents we have asked for before and Safa came under oath and said they don’t exist. When there are 200 pages of documents, you need to read them, so rather we agreed to a postponement.”

Sedibe is intent on clearing his name after he was banned by Fifa for five-years for match-fixing.

He is suing Safa on two accounts of defamations; the case of defamation is predicated on the statements made by members of Safa employees to Fifa where Sedibe hopes all documents pertaining to alleged match-fixing and corruption are scrutinised.

In court documents seen by EWN Sport, Sedibe alleges the pair labelled him as “dishonest”, “deceitful” and of “disreputable character”.

Speaking to EWN Sport before, Swarts said Safa left Sedibe out to dry during the match-fixing investigations.

“He feels that he was scapegoated for things that went wrong that weren't his fault, and when you make someone a scapegoat you obviously isolate them. It's caused him a great deal of agony in his personal life in terms of finding new jobs, etc.”

Previously, Safa cautioned its former members against trying to destabilise or discredit the organisation.

They issued the warning after Sedibe went public with claims that South Africa’s football governing body was granted millions of rands illegally by the National Lotteries Commission (NLC).

In January, Sedibe made allegations that the funding was acquired illegally from the NLC which was needed to help Bafana Bafana prepare for the 2010 Fifa World Cup.

He said the cash came through after 2010 bid boss and current Safa President Danny Jordaan set up a meeting with Ajay Gupta and former President Jacob Zuma.

Sedibe also laid a criminal complaint in December and asked authorities to investigate Jordaan for his role in facilitating a $10 million payment to Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF).

In a strongly worded statement in January, Safa said it was going to take legal action against former members who are threatening its integrity.