DA's 'ANC has killed the lights' billboard vandalised

The billboard, located in the same spot the controversial 'The ANC is killing us' billboard was put up, was unveiled on Sunday afternoon following almost a week of abrupt Eskom's loadshedding across the country.

The DA's load shedding billboard after being vandalised. Picture: John Steenhuisen/Twitter

JOHANNESBURG - The Democratic Alliance s' (DA) billboard on load shedding has been burnt down a day after it was put up.

The billboard, located in Braamfontein at the same spot as the controversial "The ANC is killing us" billboard which listed all the deceased in the Marikana massacre, Life Esidimeni Tragedy and pit toilets was put up, was unveiled on Sunday afternoon following almost a week of abrupt load shedding across the country.

The latest billboard had the words "The ANC has killed the lights affecting 57 million South Africans. Time for us to take their power."

On Monday morning, DA Chief Whip John Steenhuisen tweeted a photo of the vandalised billboard, adding that the DA would waste no time in putting it right back again.

The party says that it will lodge a complaint at the Parkview Police Station in Johannesburg on Monday afternoon.

Steenhuisen said in the tweet: "Can't keep the lights on so burn billboards instead?"

The previous billboard was vandalised when unidentified people cut the bottom of the billboard fabric. The DA accused the ANC of sending supporters to tear the billboard.

This was preceded by public outrage over the listing of names without consent from the affected family members, which they said was in bad taste. At a DA memorial service for the victims in the Johannesburg city centre, DA leader Mmusi Maimane apologised for the billboard.

“I know that the decision to include the names of the victim opened a lot of pain. I spoke to the family and it was not our intention to open old wounds and I truly apologise to the families.”