New CSA VP Beresford Williams: 'I'm committed to serve the game'

Beresford Williams won a tightly contested election against Jack Madiseng of Gauteng, winning 8-6 in the first and only round.

Picture: @BeresfordW/Twitter

CAPE TOWN - Beresford Williams' election by the Members Council of Cricket South Africa (CSA) as its new vice-president at a Special Annual General Meeting is a culmination of 25 years of cricket administration.

Williams, the incumbent President of Western Province Cricket, won a tightly contested election against Jack Madiseng of Gauteng, winning 8-6 in the first and only round.

He was understandably happy with his new role within South African cricket.

"The election this morning was indeed a great privilege and honour for me to be elected by the majority of the members council, that shows the confidence in me. I am very honoured and quite emotional about it in that, I'm filling the boots of a big position."

The 55-year-old Cape Town native is a popular figure in Western Province cricket circles, known for his charismatic personality and good nature, Williams is well aware of the responsibility that is suddenly on his shoulders as he assists the long-standing president of CSA Chris Nenzani.

"I'm committed to serve the game to the best of my ability and to make sure that the organisation and the game are the winners at all times. I will I will work closely with the president and I will work with the collective to carry the objectives of Cricket South Africa and more importantly, to be a team player and contribute when called upon."

Williams was elected as the WPCA president in 2012, before that, he served as the successful chairman of one of Cape Town’s most historic clubs St. Augustines Cricket Club for years.

Furthermore, Williams "9-5" is no small matter at all as he serves as the Revenue Manager for the City of Cape Town. He believes the diverse working backgrounds will only benefit him in his new role.

"It was a great journey, I've cut my teeth I've learned many things over a number of years. So I trust that the experience of working in that position will hold me in good stead going forward. I've stood on the shoulders of my previous presidents and they set the bar high so it was a privilege to serve a big organisation like Western Province Cricket.

"The aspiration is to have South African Cricket being a top performing cricketing organisation, but more importantly is that we continue to produce winning teams and that we create the pipeline and access for everybody to be part of the cricket family. So it's a big responsibility."