Zondo commission to go after Bosasa, correctional services

Raymond Zondo says urgent steps must be taken by law enforcement to stop the further plundering of tax payers money.

A screengrab of Cope spokesperson Dennis Bloem is appearing at the Zondo Commission of inquiry into state capture on 1 February 2019.

JOHANNESBURG - Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo has asked the legal team at the State Capture Commission to investigate if Bosasa still enjoys the alleged corrupt relationship with the Department of Correctional Services.

Zondo was shocked by the testimony of former ANC MP Dennis Bloem who also at one point, served as the chairperson, of Parliament's Portfolio Committee on Correctional Services.

Bloem told the inquiry yesterday that the contracts Bosasa had with the department amounted to what he called a money laundering scheme.

He told the commission that Bosasa was awarded a catering contract by the department but inmates still continued to do the cooking while the company was just taking the money.

Zondo says this is worrying.

“What we’ve just heard is worrying in terms of tax payers’ money if the evidence we’ve heard is true.”

He says something needs to be done.

“I hope that the investigators can urgently establish if that is still the position with regards to the catering contract.”

He says if Bloem’s evidence is true, urgent steps must be taken by the relevant law enforcement authorities to stop the further plundering of tax payers money.