Dudu Myeni received R300k monthly from Bosasa, says Agrizzi

Angelo Agrizzi says at one time when Gavin Watson wanted to impress Dudu Myeni, he had a Louis Vuitton handbag delivered to her with R300,000 in cash in it.

FILE: Former SAA chairperson Dudu Myeni in February 2015. Picture: Gallo Images/Veli Nhlapo.

CAPE TOWN - Former Bosasa chief executive Angelo Agrizzi has told the Zondo Commission about money paid to former South African Airways (SAA) board chairperson Dudu Myeni.

Myeni was allegedly handed R300,000 in cash monthly for former President Jacob Zuma's foundation of which she was also the chairperson.

On his eighth day of testimony, Agrizzi has told the inquiry Bosasa CEO Gavin Watson recognised the influence Myeni allegedly had over Zuma.

“She was very, very important. She could swing deals and she was powerful.”

Agrizzi says at one time when Watson wanted to impress Myeni, he had a Louis Vuitton handbag bought and delivered to her with R300,000 in cash stuffed into it.

Agrizzi alleges Bosasa did other favours for Myeni too.

“There were times when she would call on Gavin Watson to arrange high-end functions, expensive functions for Jacob Zuma. There were times when she needed stuff sorted at her house, like security, and all of that was arranged. We didn’t bother asking questions or getting approvals. We just went ahead and did it.”

Agrizzi further Myeni attempted to help the company shut down a Hawks investigation into it.

He's told the Zondo Commission that he and Watson met Myeni in a private lounge at a Pretoria hotel where she handed them a file of documents.

Agrizzi says the beige file appeared to be a police file, and he attempted to write down information from it after Myeni requested him not to make copies or take photos.


On Monday, Agrizzi also responded to weekend media reports that he plans to sell his Johannesburg mansion and flee the country.

He says he was never contacted by the journalist to verify the reasons for wanting to sell.

Agrizzi says the decision to put his house on the market was to downscale because the property is too big for only him and his wife.

He says he has bought a smaller townhouse but cannot move to it just yet, as he's under witness protection.

“I’ve come with an open heart, a clean heart to try and help where I can. Then you get stories like that are manufactured and ruin people’s lives. I think it’s disgusting.”

(Edited by Shimoney Regter and Mihlali Ntsabo)