1 person seriously hurt in Signal Hill fire

It is believed that he'd been sleeping on the slopes.

Firefighters take a break from their duties on the Signal Hill road in Cape Town on 28 January 2019. Picture: Monique Mortlock/EWN

CAPE TOWN - A man's been seriously injured in a fire that erupted on Signal Hill.

It is believed that he'd been sleeping on the slopes.

Firefighters are keeping a close eye on an active fire line.

The fire broke out on Sunday, spreading rapidly to nearby mountain slopes above Fresnaye and Sea Point.

The city's Theo Layne: "This morning we have to helicopters water-bombing the inaccessible areas and we have managed to downscale to only 10 firefighting vehicles that remain on scene, who will remain on scene throughout the day with mop-up operations."

Two helicopters are water-bombing the last active fireline on the Camps Bay side of Lion's Head.

At the entrance to the main Lion's Head hiking trail, a group of exhausted firefighters is taking a break.

They've been fighting the flames throughout the night and morning.

Authorities' attention will soon be focused on investigating the cause of the fire.

Table Mountain National Parks' Philip Prins says the biggest challenge has been the wind.

"We can still carry on, 33, 34 degrees Celsius, the guys can still work the lines. We just give them enough drinks and things like that, so they can continue work but the wind is our biggest problem."

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