DA doesn't take policy seriously, says Gwen Ngwenya in resignation letter

Party spokesperson Solly Malatsi today confirmed Ngwenya's resignation as head of policy

Picture: @Our_DA/Twitter

CAPE TOWN - The Democratic Alliance (DA) has lost its second head of policy in less than a year.

Party MP Gwen Ngwenya’s resigned from the position less than six months after her predecessor and former policy head, MP Gavin Davis, walked away from the party.

Ngwenya resigned last week in a strongly-worded resignation letter to party leader Mmusi Maimane.

In her resignation letter, Gwen Ngwenya lists a number of reasons for her resignation, stating that she does not believe the DA takes policy seriously.

Party spokesperson Solly Malatsi has confirmed her resignation

"It is indeed true that Ms Ngwenya has resigned as head of policy. The party would like to thank her for her hard work in establishing the party's policy framework."

Ngwenya last year clashed with the party’s policy leaders on the issue of Black Economic Empowerment.

In her resignation letter, she claims that a lack of political support from leadership in drafting policy and also decries how some draft policies were being referred to as "Gwen’s policy".

Ngwenya says she will continue to offer her opinion and carry out her duties as a Member of Parliament.