Overstrand residents look to rebuild homes, lives after fire

More than 30 houses were destroyed and 28 damaged in Overstrand wildfires.

Onlookers watch as a firefighter extinguishes a home that caught alight during a wildfire in the Overstrand region in the Western Cape on 11 January 2019. Picture: EWN

CAPE TOWN - Overstrand residents will start rebuilding their homes after fires ripped through the area over the weekend.

More than 30 houses were destroyed and 28 damaged in Overstrand wildfires.

The blaze was fully contained by Friday but flared up again over the weekend spreading to Franskraal.

The sound of sirens and helicopters, the sight of flames and the smell of smoke were just some of the scenes Overstrand residents had to endure over the weekend.

Wearing the last set of clothes before the fire hit her home at the caravan park in Franskraal Annette Stark-Steenkamp says she’s made peace with her loss.

"Everything that I had, that's destroyed. I had a lovely blackwood chest-of-drawers belonging to my mother and that's gone."

Sifting through the rubble of his family home in Betty’s Bay, George Petousis says he lost everything in the fire.

"I feel very sad. There's nothing. I have a little shoebox of a few things that are completely burned."

Authorities in Overstrand continue to monitor the situation in the areas.

Meanwhile, a man accused of sparking the wildfire returns to the dock today. Shelton April was arrested days after the blaze started two weeks ago.

A Pringle Bay woman died from smoke inhalation.

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