EFF: 'We're calling for this racist behaviour to be shut off'

Clifton Fourth beach has been the scene of protests since the start of the weekend.

Clifton Beach in Cape Town. Picture: Cindy Archillies/EWN.

CAPE TOWN – Protesting members of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) have arrived at Clifton Fourth beach in Cape Town marking the third day of demonstrations in the wake of complaints that a private security company has been clearing the beach after sunset.

Clifton Fourth beach has been the scene of protests since the start of the weekend.

The EFF's regional Secretary Banzi Dambuza says, “We’re calling for this racist behaviour to be shut off, where our people are removed the same way it was done back in the day where our people were given a curfew to not go to certain areas.”

Last week, a member of the African National Congress in the Western Cape complained that a private security company had told he and his friends to leave the beach after sunset.

PPA security's lawyer has told Eyewitness News its members didn't ask anyone to leave the beach, saying they were warning beachgoers of the possible dangers on the beach after dark.

He also added that the company has an unwritten agreement with the City of Cape Town and that it has helped law enforcement in past operations.

The city has denied having any contract with PPA.

VIDEO: Activists slaughter a sheep to cleanse Clifton beach of racism

The City of Cape Town has blamed a senior police member for allowing a sheep to be slaughtered at Clifton Fourth Beach.

The City's JP Smith said law enforcement officials were given strict instructions to stop protesters from bringing the sheep to the beach.

“They had initially thought the sheep was dead because it was mentioned that when they moved closer towards the crowd, they discovered that the sheep was still alive. It appeared to be wounded before and on this basis, I think there’s a basis for a charge of cruelty to animals.”

The City and the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals say they will lay charges on Sunday against the protestors, as well as, the police official.

Meanwhile, former mayoral committee member Brett Herron has called out the City's political leadership over the Clifton Fourth Beach matter.

Herron has added his voice to criticism of Cape Town Mayor Dan Plato for not weighing in on the issue earlier.

Herron resigned from the City’s mayoral committee earlier this year claiming city management was not committed to building an open and inclusive city.

He said there are several issues surrounding the Clifton beach issue that concern him.

“The executive mayor released a statement five or six days after the event. So, I think the political leadership has been absent or avoiding this incident and allowing the administration and the executive director to face the music and to face the people.”