Cameroon English-speaking separatists kidnap 15 in attack on town

One person died in the attack.

FILE: Supporters of Cameroonian President Paul Biya celebrate his re-election in Yaoundé on 6 November 2018. Picture: AFP

PRETORIA - English-speaking separatists in Cameroon had kidnapped 15 of their French-speaking compatriots and burned down 86 of their houses.

One person died in the attack.

The separatists are calling for the release of their leader who has been jailed and is facing the death penalty.

The Anglophone Cameroonians, who make up a fifth of the country’s 17 million population, say they want a separate state in the southwest of the nation, that they say has marginalised them.

The authorities under President Paul Biya have dealt harshly with any acts of rebellion.

At the time of the attack on the Francophone town, the Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa has condemned the killing of Anglophone protestors by security forces in Cameroon.