About 3,500 police trainees graduate across SA

National Police Commissioner Khehla Sitole says new training methods are geared towards professionalising the police service.

FILE: A police trainees salute as the South African flag is raised during a graduation parade. Picture: SAPS

PRETORIA - National Police Commissioner Khehla Sitole says the batches of recruits leaving training colleges on Friday are highly skilled and better equipped than ever before to serve their communities.

Sitole was addressing more than 2,000 constables at a graduation parade in Pretoria on Friday.

About 3,500 trainees who have successfully completed their basic training are graduating at events in Pretoria, Bisho in the Eastern Cape and Oudtshoorn in the Western Cape.

Sitole says new training methods are geared towards professionalising the police service: “(And) to produce highly skilled members of the service. We’re producing the highest skilled police to serve the community.”

Minister Bheki Cele says these recruits have received specialised training.

“Earlier in 2018, I instructed that they must each receive intermediate or advanced street survival and technical response training. This means that each one of these members is trained to protect themselves as good as the high technical unit.”

The constables will be deployed across the country this festive season.


Sitole says the graduation of the recruits on Friday shows the commitment to ensuring a safe and secure South Africa.

The general says the SAPS has improved training.

“And I want to say it upfront here that if anyone who goes on a hassle with a criminal and someone falls, it’s not going to be you because we have trained you and we have given you the best training. Apply the law and the legal framework that you have been taught of but don’t die with your guns.”

Sitole says they are witnessing the police's turnaround strategy.

“This parade today symbolises the journey to a safer South Africa. Our communities have been on an outcry for visibility, they’ve been on an outcry for the crime which is ravaging them outside there but today, we are responding.”

(Edited by Mihlali Ntsabo)