[LISTEN] How to best spend your bonus

Personal financial advisor Warren Ingram gives some tips on how best to use that bonus.

JOHANNESBURG – Here are some tips by personal financial advisor and executive director at Galileo Capital, Warren Ingram, on how not to squander your 13th cheque this festive season.

“If you are lucky to get a December bonus, do not be a complete Scrooge and save everything or not have some enjoyment of it.”

Ingram says the best way to use your 13th cheque is to break it up in parts.

“The first part must be for fun; you need some money, a reward of what has been a horrible year, of no more than a third.

“With the other two-thirds, you need to be boring and… looking at your really bad forms of debt like your credit card or personal loan and your overdraft and just make sure you use that money to knock those down.”

Listen to the audio above for more.

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