'It’s me, former President Jacob Zuma': uBaba joins the streets

The former president has set the Twitter streets on fire with his debut announcement.

A video screengrab of Jacob Zuma making his Twitter debut.

JOHANNESBURG – “Thank you for the warm welcome, I look forward to engaging with you.”

Those are the words of former President Jacob Zuma as he made his debut on Twitter.

The former president has set the streets (that’s how Twitter is referred to) on fire with his debut announcement.

This comes a day after the High Court ruled that Zuma will have to cover his own legal costs and pay back the state funds he used to fight all his civil and criminal matters in the last decade.

The former president is now liable for legal fees of between R15 million and R32 million.

In a video, uBaba says: “Hello everyone, I have decided to move with the times to join (coughs) this important area of conversation because I hear everyone is talking about me… It’s me former president, Jacob Zuma.”

About an hour after posting his first tweet, the former president already has 7,488 followers.