Pretoria woman tells of being propositioned to sell her baby in Centurion mall

The woman says that while she was at the mall on Monday, a man, who seemed to be part of a syndicate, asked her to give a price on how much she would sell her 11-month-old daughter for.


JOHANNESBURG – A Pretoria woman has told Eyewitness News of how she was approached by a man offering to buy her child at the Forest Hill Mall in Centurion.

According to the woman, a man approached her while she was shopping with her children aged 11 months and 4-years-old at the Forest Hill Mall on Tuesday asking to buy her child.

She says that after the approach she threatened to call security.

“And he sat down and smoked and you know he wasn’t even fazed by it. So, I went into the Absa bank and I asked them to show me where the security is and they said they don’t have any security. So I asked them to call [mall] security because this guy tried to bargain with me to take my daughter from me.”

She says centre management called her on Tuesday morning with more information on the incident.

“They say that they looked at the footage and it seems like there’s a syndicate that was there because there was the two guys that I saw and there was another guy that stood there with them.”

The mall management has confirmed that the incident took place and that the police are investigating.

(Edited by Leeto M Khoza)