ANC’s Pule Mabe accused of sexual harassment by his PA

She claims one night at a hotel, Pule Mabe switched off the lights, slipped into her blankets and put his legs on top of her body.

FILE: ANC spokesperson Pule Mabe. Picture: @MYANC/Twitter

JOHANNESBURG - African National Congress (ANC) spokesperson Pule Mabe has been accused of sexual harassment by his personal assistant, who claims Mabe wanted to have sex with her in return for the job.

Eyewitness News can reveal that the 26-year-old sent a grievance letter against Mabe to the party’s deputy secretary general Jessie Duarte last month.

She accuses Mabe of sexual harassment, cutting down her salary and emotional abuse when she refused his sexual advances.

In the 14-page grievance letter seen by EWN, the 26-year-old first explains how she became Mabe’s personal assistant without going through a job interview.

"I, therefore, want to take you through my experience at HQ since my arrival in the beginning of August 2018."

The woman who describes herself as a loyal ANC Youth League member, she says in July this year, Mabe verbally informed her that she will be starting off a new job as his PA from August even though she never had experience or qualifications in the field.

"You would know that I never went through any interview stage as part of my entry tool as a Personal Assistant to the National Spokesperson, I was on the 22nd of July 2018 verbally informed by comrade Pule that I will be starting off a new job as his PA on the 1st August 2018... I studied Public Relations at the IIE Varsity College but my challenge was that I can’t at the moment present my qualification as I have a huge academic debt that I am still paying off.

"My CV, if anything, also states that I have no experience of working as a PA, but of course life sometimes is all about taking risks and great opportunities when being presented with them..."

She details how before she officially commenced her duties, Mabe booked a room for her at the Saint George's Hotel under the guise that the two would be doing work for the ANC.

"I arrived at St George’s and was then asked by comrade Pule to make reservations for two rooms at the non-sharing section (I don’t really know how to classify the rooms but they are the ones on the side of the bar at St George’s), I was given his card and went to make reservations only to find one room available."

She says on the first night, Mabe came to work in her room and at some point asked her to sit closer to him.

She claims on the second night, Mabe insisted to work on his assignment in her room, saying he would fall asleep if he was alone.

It was on that night that the 26-year-old claims Mabe switched off the lights, slipped into her blankets and put his legs on top of her body.

"... Until such a time I think sleep defeated me and was out; until such a time I felt so hot an woke up, to my surprise, the lights were all completely off, blankets on me and comrade Pule’s legs on top of my body. I immediately snapped and asked why he was in my blankets..."

She details another encounter in Limpopo, where Mabe shared a chalet with her and walked into her room in the middle of the night, lied next on her bed, moved closer and put his arms around her.

She says these were clear attempts by Mabe to have sex with her in exchange for giving her the job. When she declined, the emotional abuse began, and her salary was cut to R15,000.

Mabe has told EWN that he has no knowledge of the grievance against him.