Harvey Weinstein reaching out to media about ‘worst nightmare’ of his life

The movie mogul has been exiled from Hollywood after being accused of sexual misconduct by dozens of women.

FILE: Harvey Weinstein. Picture: AFP.

LONDON - Harvey Weinstein has reportedly been contacting media outlets about the “worst nightmare” he’s been going through.

The movie mogul has been exiled from Hollywood after being accused of sexual misconduct by dozens of women after an expose was published in the New York Times newspaper in October 2017 and he’s currently facing a charge of rape in New York.

The 66-year-old producer’s lawyers have filed motions to have the charge dismissed and now Weinstein himself has directly reached out to media outlets to ask them to help put forward his side of the story.

In an email sent out to several people he previously worked with that has been obtained by TMZ - who did not receive the note from him themselves - he wrote: “I’ve had one hell of a year... The worst nightmare of my life. As you can see from these articles, the police have played a very difficult role in my investigation. All 3 police officers have either been retired or repositioned from the SVU. The articles are self-explanatory, but I’d like to speak to you on the phone if you have some time. There is more to this story... I appreciate your confidentiality.

“Have a read of these articles. I wish I didn’t have to ask but I’d be very appreciative of your time.

“Best, Harvey”

In October, prosecutors admitted the lead detective on the case, Detective Nicholas DiGaudio had told Weinstein’s alleged rape victim to delete information from her phone before she turned it over to the District Attorney’s Office.

According to a letter sent to the producer’s lawyer, Ben Brafman, the woman was concerned about certain things being seen on the device, though it’s unclear if the information was connected to the case. The detective told her to delete anything she was concerned about and added: “We just won’t tell.”

The admission came after a sexual assault charge against the Pulp Fiction producer was dropped after the same officer failed to disclose a witness statement to prosecutors.

Mr Brafman said: “Only those totally uninformed would suggest that these are ‘technical’ issues. Nothing is further from the truth. The fact is that these issues undermine the fundamental integrity of the judicial process. This case is falling apart because it is a fundamentally bad case and bad cases eventually fall apart even when law enforcement officials try and stack the deck against the accused.”

The lawyer filed a motion last month asking for all the charges against his famous clients be dismissed, insisting the detective’s actions have caused the entire case to be tainted.

Detective DiGaudio has been removed from the case.