[LISTEN] Corporal punishment: Discipline or abuse?

CapeTalk host Kieno Kammies interviewed education activist Hendrick Makaneta and Lucy Jamieson, senior researcher at Children's Institute (UCT) about using corporal punishment to discipline children.

CAPE TOWN - The issue of corporal punishment has been challenged by different social groups, with some believing that spanking won't harm a child while others believe corporal punishment is another form of violence against children.

Education activist Hendrick Makaneta says there is nothing wrong with "a little spank" to keep the child disciplined.

"We believe that parents should be given that freedom to be able to discipline their children. We must admit that it is a general trend and many parents across the country believe it is necessary to control their kids to make sure that they are on the right track by making sure that the child understands the basic rules within the family."

Listen to the audio for more.

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