[LISTEN] Options available to matriculants after writing exams

CapeTalk’s Zain Johnson speaks to Dr Gillian Mooney from the Independent Institute of Education (IIE) about the options available to matriculants after ending their school careers.

CAPE TOWN – As matriculants throughout the country write their final exams, many wonder what the future holds for them as they prepare for the nail-biting period of waiting for their results.

Pupils often stress over the pressure of passing and going to university, and the disappointment of failing their exams.

Dr Gillian Mooney, from the Independent Institute of Education (IIE), says learners have five different options available to them such as rewriting their exams, sending papers for remarking or rechecking, among others.

She spoke to CapeTalk’s Zain Johnson about these options available to matriculants.

“Instead of stressing at this time, I think it’s helpful to think about things you can control and things you can’t.”

For more information listen to the audio above.

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