All set for Torpedo SwimRun

The event is set to attract athletes and beginner swim-runners who want to try out the sport.

Picture: Supplied.

CAPE TOWN - All preparations are done for the third edition Torpedo SwimRun which will take place on Sunday.

The event is set to attract athletes and beginner swim-runners who want to try out the sport.

SwimRun is a relatively new sport that originated in Sweden, and offers off-road and open-water adventure along coastal and inland waterways, with routes designed around the natural environment and with distances varying from race to race.

"It's quite a unique race that Cape Town is having, and athletes they know the transition from start to finish," says co-founder of Torpedo SwimRun Richard McMartin.

"The race is beautiful and I am sure athletes will love it, this event is even sold out with 300 participants. That means we will have two teams that one consist of 150 each."

Torpedo SwimRun is leading the way in developing the sport of swim run in South Africa, and it is rolling out a series of these events for different levels of athletes.

"The race is over the iconic beach and bay of Cape Town, so our huge focus is the safety of our athletes. We are working with all the local experts of the routes to ensure safety for everyone" continued MacMartin.

"We have life-saving expects, Clifton and Big Bay lifesaving teams as well. They provide safety boats, crews and all the needed equipment. As organisers, we are excited about Sunday, everyone is looking forward to the event."

Torpedo launched the first SwimRun in Cape Town in 2017, with a national series rolling out from 2018.

This event has grown significantly since the inaugural event in January 2017, and now attracts top athletes who will be competing for R100,000 in prize money.

Former Olympic swimming gold medalist Ryk Neethling is among big names to be part on this year's event.

"I'm excited to be part of this iconic race and I'm looking forward to it. It's a challenging race compare to what I'm used to doing but I'm up for the challenge. I did few Torpedo races, not as competitions, we took it slow but was challenging so I can imagine how it will be when it's more competitive. It's an enjoyable race and one can't think of a better way than enjoy it in their backyard, in the beauty of Mother City. It's an incredible bonus to be part of it."

Another favourite to win the race is Alex Quenet who says: “Last year was my first race, I was nervous because I didn’t know what to expect but this year it’s better. This year I am teaming up with my friend who is a runner and swimmer, we hope to put up a good performance and possibly be on the podium.

"If we both of us are healthy throughout the race then we stand a good chance of being in the podium,” she said.

"All in all, I enjoy running in this particular. It’s in Cape Town in the most iconic and beautiful place ever and with beautiful beaches. I’m excited to take part as always. I’m looking forward to Sunday and hoping I can produce good results too.”