Court finds Jason Rohde guilty of murdering his wife Susan

The Western Cape High Court has convicted Jason Rohde of murdering his wife and staging her suicide.

Jason Rohde appears in the Western Cape High Court on 11 November 2018. Picture: Shamiela Fisher/EWN

CAPE TOWN - Former property mogul Jason Rohde has been convicted of killing his wife at the Spier wine farm in Stellenbosch.

The verdict has been handed down in the Western Cape High Court on Thursday.

The State successfully argued that Rohde strangled Susan Rohde to death and then staged her suicide.

He has maintained throughout the trial that she took her own life by hanging herself with a hair iron cord, in the bathroom of their hotel suite.

Rohde sat staring at the floor as Judge Gayaat Salie-Hlope read out a 38-page summary judgment.

Salie-Hlope found Rohde's version that his spouse took her own life after a physical fight about his extramarital affair with a colleague, is not possibly reasonably true.

She, therefore, accepts that the State has proven its case beyond reasonable doubt.

She found that after killing Susan in their bedroom, he dragged her to the bathroom and made it look like she hanged herself.

Rohde's bail has been denied and he has been taken into custody.

WATCH: Court decides fate of murder accused Jason Rohde


A love triangle turned into a tragedy. That's how Judge Hlophe described the circumstances surrounding the murder of Susan.

His legal team tried to have his bail reinstated but the judge ruled against it.

The defence has indicated it intends bringing an application for leave to appeal.

The court has ruled that the state has proven its case beyond reasonable doubt and the judge has also accepted the testimonies of state witnesses.

These included the testimony Spier Hotel handyman Desmond Daniels who was called to open the locked bathroom in the Rohde's hotel suite.

Jason testified that his wife was suspended behind the door with the cord wrapped tightly around her neck and suspended from the hook behind the door.

The court has found Rohde's evidence has been puzzling, and it has also ruled his version of events as improbable.