Dan Plato voted in as mayor of Cape Town

Dan Plato has been elected as the mayor of Cape Town.

Dan Plato is presented with the City of Cape Town's mayoral chain of office. Picture: @CityofCT/Twitter

CAPE TOWN - Dan Plato has been voted in as the new mayor of Cape Town.

Plato secured a resounding victory over fellow mayoral candidates, the ANC’s Xolani Sotashe & the ACDP’s Grant Haskin.

Of the 208 councillors present on Tuesday, 146 voted for Plato via secret ballot, 53 for Sotashe and three for Haskin. There were six abstentions.

Before the meeting started, the ANC tried to throw a spanner in the works. The ANC’s mayoral nominee Xolani Sotashe questioned why council speaker Dirk Smit sent an email announcing Plato’s nomination for mayor on the first of this month.

"We are supposed to be impartial in terms of what we're doing. Now you have already communicated a predetermined outcome. Why did you do that as the Speaker of the Council?"

But Sotashe was met with a snappy comeback from Smit.

"Councillor Sotashe, because of common sense."

There were further objections from the ANC’s benches. Voting eventually took place and Plato was able to claim his mayoral chain again. This is his second stint as mayor.