Brett Herron resigns from DA, Cape Town City Council

Two other councillors also resigned yesterday, bring to nine the total number of DA councillors who have left the party this past week.

FILE: Brett Herron. Picture: @brettherron/Twitter

CAPE TOWN - Cape Town's transport mayoral committee member Brett Herron has resigned as a councillor and member of the DA.

This follows Patrica De Lille's resignation from the party on Wednesday.

Two other councillors also resigned yesterday, bringing to nine the total number of DA councillors who have left the party this past week.

Incoming mayor Dan Plato was this morning been sworn in as a councillor and will be elected mayor next Tuesday.

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Brett Herron Resignation by Primedia Broadcasting on Scribd


Herron became emotional as he announced his decision to resign as a member of the DA with immediate effect.

“It’s clear that the party, the DA, is a party that will never govern this country. It’s a lost cause, having abandoned both process and principle."

Herron says he cannot with any credibility continue to meet with communities and promise government is doing all it can to assist people with housing.

He has also claimed the DA’s manifesto promise to integrate communities is a lie.

Herron now believes he’s been wasting time trying to implement housing promises while behind the scenes, insiders have been killing the projects off.

He says he never entered politics to get a position, but rather to do his bit to fight for a better South Africa.


Acting Mayor Ian Neilson says the resignations will have a minor effect on the caucus as a whole.

Neilson was reacting to the party’s councillor haemorrhage that’s been playing out at the city council since last week. Just like DA seniors, Neilson says he is also unfazed by councillors turning their backs on the party.

“Out of 154 councillors, it is still a very small number that have resigned. Certainly, we know those who resigned are people who have always been close to Patricia de Lille.”

Neilson says Herron’s departure is not unexpected, but he respects his decision to do so.

“It’s his own political future and he can make those decisions for himself.”

As acting mayor, he’ll now oversee the three vacant mayco positions left by Herron, area central mayco member Siyabulela Mamkeli and mayco member for area north Suzette Little until Plato appoints his new mayoral committee.

PR councillor Philiswa Maarman and ward councillor Jonathan Cupido also resigned from the party on Wednesday.