Kind tow truck driver rewarded with almost R20k for helping mom, daughter

Kat Stott and her daughter had broken down on the N1 in the middle lane, but a good samaritan could not just pass the troubled pair.

Good Samaritan Godfrey. Picture: Kat Stott/Facebook.

JOHANNESBURG - A Good Samaritan tow truck driver who went beyond the call of duty to help a mother and her daughter has been generously rewarded for his good deed.

Kat Stott and her daughter had broken down on the N1 in the middle lane and as she describes in her Facebook post, trucks and cars were swerving behind her only realising at the last moment that she had broken down.

One man could not just pass the troubled mother and daughter though.

Godfrey stopped his e-toll tow truck and directed the traffic away from Stott's car. He then towed the car to the nearest safe point as they waited for her insurance to come and assist.

"I need to shout out praise for a fellow human being today. Someone who I believe saved me and my daughter from a fate that could have been death or serious injury. A selfless, kind and compassionate human who I cannot classify as anything else but a guardian angel!, Stott writes in her Facebook post.

"Needless to say, I burst into tears. This kind man's consideration for us as strangers was just beyond incredible," she adds in the post.

Her Facebook post has been liked over 11,000 times and shared over 2,400 times.

To thank Godfrey for his kindness, Stott launched a BackaBuddy fundraising campaign for him.

"I managed to track Godfrey down and spoke to him this morning. He remembered me instantly! He hasn't seen the posts as he doesn't have a smartphone, so I have started a crowdfunding campaign to hopefully raise enough money for him to buy a phone that will allow him to read all the amazing comments from everyone."

The campaign has so far raised R19,967.38.