Iggy Azalea: I want to become my own boss

Australian rap star Iggy Azalea has revealed she wants to become her "own boss".

‘Black Widow’ rapper Iggy Azalea. Picture: @thenewclassic/Instagram.

LONDON - Iggy Azalea wants to become her "own boss".

The Australian rapper has claimed in a series of now-deleted tweets that she'd love to breakaway from her record label and take full ownership of her career.

Iggy - who is currently attached to Island Records - wrote on the micro-blogging platform: "I love Island, but don't want a label. There are conversations happening at the moment. I want to be my own boss. I feel I would be better off if I could make my own timeline etc choices and I have the funds to do it. (sic)"

The 28-year-old star admitted she didn't know whether her ambition would come to fruition and also insisted she doesn't have any major qualms with her label.

She wrote: "It's just a conversation I don't know if I will be able to actually make it happen or not. I would still be happy with Island they are good people too... just feel it would be better for me as a business to have the control when I'm confident I can run it well alone. (sic)"

However, Iggy subsequently hinted at performing a U-turn on her plan.

She tweeted: "Just be prepared for lots of thinking aloud and ignore everything I say cause I change my mind every 48hours. (sic)"

Iggy is well-known for giving her followers a behind-the-scenes insight into her life through social media.

But the blonde beauty recently admitted that some aspects of being so candid can be "unfortunate".

She said: "Twitter is unfortunate, social media is unfortunate because it freezes that in time for us. In some ways, that's good. You can look back and self-reflect and say, 'Geez, I've come a long way, that's good.' The silver lining is that you can look at that and be like, 'Never again.'

"But I don't really sit around thinking, 'If only I could delete that one thing.' You know, you've gotta move forward and have personal growth. I don't really think much about that."