[LISTEN] Why the price of data must fall

Amandla.mobi’s executive director Koketso Moeti chats to Bongani Bingwa about the #DataMustFall Commission and why it is necessary for data costs to be regulated.

JOHANNESBURG - There is an urgent recommendation at the #DataMustFall Commission to limit the pricing between small and large data bundles between contract and prepaid customers.

Thursday was the second day of public hearings into the Competition Commission's Data Market Inquiry, where the cost of data across all mobile service providers in South Africa has come under scrutiny.

Koketso Moeti, Amandla.mobi’s executive director, says while there are people who are employed and earn certain incomes that can afford the luxury of enjoying a wide range of internet providers and broadband at home and work, for those who are at the bottom end of the spectrum, there is a lack of competition.

She says those who are at the bottom end of the spectrum are paying a poverty premium on the cost of data.

“Just one example, if you are buying a smaller bundle, you're much more likely to fall under the out of bundle rate. Or if you are a low earning consumer using the out of data bundle, on Vodacom it’s 99c per megabyte. So, by the time you’ve bought your gig of data, it’s R990 that you’ve spent versus a high earner, who on a per month bundle, would be spending R149 per gig.”

Listen to the audio above for more.

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