Zimbabwe to ban jerry can use at petrol stations

Petrol ran out in many service stations last week, re-igniting fears of a return to a similar crisis 10 years ago.

Picture: EWN.

HARARE - Zimbabwean authorities say they will ban the use of jerry cans at service stations to prevent people from hoarding fuel.

Energy Minister Joram Gumbo says the ban on fuel containers is meant to prevent hoarding.

He’s told state media that service stations that allow customers to hoard fuel risk having their operating licenses cancelled.

Fuel supplies ran out last week, sparked by panic buying and foreign currency shortages.

There were long queues and widespread fears that the country was sliding back into the hyper-inflationary crisis it went through 10 years ago.

Fuel supplies have since improved, but there are worries about the ban on fuel containers. They're needed to refuel generators, especially as power cuts become more frequent with summer rains.