Cultural shift needed to beat fuel price hikes, say Transport officials

Some people are already exploring other means of travelling.

Picture: EWN

JOHANNESBURG – As South Africans wake up to the new reality of record fuel prices, Transport officials say a cultural shift is needed to change the way people commute.

From Wednesday morning, motorists are paying up to R17 for a litre of petrol, while diesel has increased by up to R1.24 cents per litre.

Hours before the midnight hike, long queues could be seen at filling stations.

Fuel is getting more expensive with each passing month but what are people doing differently to counter the effects, while staying within monthly transport budgets?

The fuel price is going up to a record high with petrol increasing between 99 cents and R1.

Well, Transport MEC Ismail Vadi has a few ideas, including cycling to work or joining carpools.

“The whole approach of one person in one car is not going to help anymore. I think it’s contributing to traffic congestion and pollution.”

Some people are already exploring other means of travelling.

Thabang Raganya is the CEO of lift club platform Wigo Services and he says he’s noticed a spike in the number of people interested in such services.

“With the rising fuel prices it shows that people are looking for alternatives.”

Around this time last year, a litre of petrol cost nearly R4 less and there are warnings the situation is not about to improve anytime soon.

(Edited by Leeto M Khoza)