Motorists brace for fuel price pain

From midnight, petrol will cost up to R1 more a litre while diesel will set you back up to R1,24 cents more a litre.

Picture: EWN

JOHANNESBURG - As the clock ticks down to record fuel prices, motorists are being advised not to change their re-fill patterns on Tuesday to avoid pumps running dry.

From midnight, petrol will cost up to R1 more a litre, while diesel will set you back up to R1.24 cents more a litre.

Paraffin will also be up to R1.39 more while LP gas goes up by R1.79 cents a kilogram.

The South African Petroleum Industry Association’s Avhapfani Tshifularo says that now is the time for motorists to think of clever ways to minimise fuel consumption.

“Whether it means servicing your car according to scheduled maintenance intervals and making sure that you close the windows as you are driving. I think we need to explore all the opportunities.”

Economist Mike Schussler says that on average, South African motorists use 140 litres on fuel per month which will now result in R140 per month extra.

“We know that it's not just this increase, but it’s an accumulative effect of roughly R3 increase over the last six months.”

The fuel price hike is expected to also result in an increase in food prices.


Ordinary South Africans will be hit the hardest by the increases which will be felt across the board. Transport costs and food prices will also go up as a result.

These Capetonians explain how they'll have to endure this latest round of fuel price hikes.

“I will be walking to places while it’s safe to walk. I am trying to carpool with friends and flatmates,” said one woman.

While this man said: “We are getting a lift with my dad, he’ll drop me off and I’ll half the petrol money with him."

“I’m going to be driving less and I’ll be very conscious of how much I drive because the more you drive, the more petrol you will be needing,” said another motorist.

Additional reporting by Lizell Persens.

(Edited by Thapelo Lekabe)