[UPDATE] Bellville taxi rank reopened following shootings, dispute over routes

The provincial Transport Department says it will only reopen the rank once it’s satisfied rival taxi groups have settled their dispute.

FILE: The Bellville taxi rank. Picture: EWN

CAPE TOWN -The Bellville and the Bloekombos taxi ranks have been reopened on Thursday.

They were closed following taxi conflict and shootings over the weekend.

The Western Cape Transport Department says the violence stems from a dispute between the Bellville Taxi Association and the Bloekombos-Wallacedene Taxi Association.

The city's Richard Coleman says: “The Bellville rank that has been closed for the last couple of days has been reopened and all taxis will be back on the lane.”

However, law enforcement officials will continue to monitor the area.

Earlier, taxi drivers were forced to improvise. Taxis were parked in the streets around the rank while commuters clamoured to board the vehicles amid traffic jams.

Commuter Angelina Gana said it was chaos.

“We’ve had to ask around where’s the taxi to a certain place because they’re all scattered. It’s very difficult.”

A man said it took him much longer to get to and from work.

“Now I need to wait and see if there is a bus and if there is any other Mitchells Plain taxi."

WATCH: Update from Bellville taxi rank

Meanwhile, the City of Cape Town has impounded 10 taxis in Bellville.

Extra staff have been deployed to address congestion, illegal parking and moving violations to ensure that traffic flows freely. This is after receiving numerous complaints of disruptive behaviour by taxi operators.

The city's Richard Coleman said: “Officers have been deployed around the Bellville taxi rank to assist with road closures. As of 22 September, officers have impounded 10 taxis in an around that area.”