Pallo Jordan criticises leaked land reform document by Mbeki

In the 30-page writing, former president Thabo Mbeki questions the ANC’s approach to land expropriation without compensation.

FILE: ANC veteran Pallo Jordan. Picture: AFP

JOHANNESBURG - African National Congress (ANC) veteran Pallo Jordan has criticised a leaked document on land expropriation penned by former President Thabo Mbeki, saying the party has never suggested that white people should be discriminated against in the resolution of the land question.

In the 30-page writing, Mbeki questions the ANC’s approach to land expropriation without compensation, saying it’s not in line with the party’s founding principles of non-racialism.

The document says a resolution on the land matter should rather unite all South Africans.

Speaking on the Karima Brown Show on Talk Radio 702 on Tuesday night, Jordan disagreed with Mbeki.

“At the end of the document, it doesn’t say whether the ANC should be interrogated about what has happened over the past 28 years. For 15 of those 28 years Mbeki was the head of government, maybe he should be interrogated.”

But political analyst Adam Habib disagrees, saying Mbeki raises important philosophical questions.

“I worry that the land question is too often managed on emotional grounds by too many people. If we are going to strategically resolve the land question, then we need a reflection that is deeper.”

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(Edited by Zamangwane Shange)