'Ill' Vittorio Massone a no-show as Nugent inquiry resumes

The third session of hearings, which got underway in Pretoria, was scheduled to start with the consultancy firm Bain’s managing partner returning to testify.

FILE: A video screengrab of consultancy film Bain’s Vittorio Massone giving his testimony at the Sars inquiry in Pretoria.

JOHANNESBURG - The Nugent Commission of Inquiry has heard that consultancy firm Bain’s managing partner, Vittorio Massone, is unwell and not in a position to testify against at the hearings.

The third session of hearings, which got underway in Pretoria on Tuesday morning, was scheduled to start with Massone returning to testify.

The commission, led by retired Judge Robert Nugent, has been tasked with investigating tax administration and governance under Tom Moyane’s leadership.

Massone’s legal representative, Advocate Juwaid Babamia, says his client has returned to Italy.

“His [Massone] legal representatives consulted with him on 20 September. It became manifest to his legal representatives that he was unwell. Mr Massone was advised to receive immediate medical treatment. He requires treatment and that he is unfit to subject himself to this commission of inquiry.”

Retired Judge Nugent expressed his annoyance at the turn of events.

“As far as the request to excuse him is concerned, it seems to me that’s a bit pointless, and I don’t excuse it. If he ever comes back... and I must say after reading the report, it seems to be very doubtful that he’s going to come back to this commission.”

WATCH: Nugent inquiry into Sars resumes

(Edited by Zamangwane Shange)