A sneak peek into ‘The Bobby Brown Story’

The biopic picks up from 'The New Edition Story' which focused on the life and music of the group and takes us into Brown’s life as a solo artist and everything that followed.

Actor Woody McClain (L) who plays Bobby Brown and Actress Gabrielle Dennis (R) who plays Whitney Houston in 'The Bobby Brown Story'. Picture: @BET_Africa/Twitter.

JOHANNESBURG – It’s hard to mention Bobby Brown without dropping Whitney Houston’s name, drugs and R&B hits of the 1980s and early 1990s.

But with so many stories going around about how the ‘King of R&B’ landed in prison a few times, how he got hooked on drugs and all his mischievous ways with the ladies, the world finally gets to hear it straight from the man himself in his new biopic The Bobby Brown Story.

EWN Lifestyle was on Friday treated to an exclusive sneak peek of part one of the film and the conclusion is: do not miss it!

The biopic picks up from The New Edition Story which focused on the life and music of the group and takes us into Brown’s life as a solo artist and everything that followed.

He exited the group in 1985 and went on to releases his first album King of Stage a year later. When the album didn’t do as well as Brown had thought it would, he agreed to work with R&B songwriters, singers and producers L.A. Reid and Babyface.

Soon after, he was on tour, selling millions of records and having his pick at any woman his eyes [or should we rather say his body] desired.

The film then shows how his flings led to meeting Houston and eventually their marriage and the drama thereafter.

The big surprise though was the revelation of his affair with Janet Jackson, who mercilessly broke his heart just before his eyes landed on Houston.

Woody McClain who plays the ‘King of R&B’ says Brown was there for every second of putting the story together, making sure that his side is told accurately.

“Bobby was there the whole time; he made sure that he told the good, the bad and the ugly of his story. He didn’t keep anything out and any questions we had to ask… he would be 100% honest in answering them.”

McClain says the biggest challenge in playing the My Prerogative singer is the difference in personalities.

“It [playing him] brought me a lot of confidence because I’m super shy, he really like helped me build my confidence. If I was telling my story, you wouldn’t have seen me doing drugs, cheating on my wife none of that. I would’ve been superman. So, for Bobby to open his heart for the world to see, it says a lot about him.”

Gabrielle Dennis, who takes on the role of Houston in the film, says she mostly relied on past interviews and reading up on the late singer.

“It was a little less stress for me because the weight of the movie is on Woody’s shoulders because it is The Bobby Brown Story and we’re just trying to support him and not take any of the light from him.”

She adds: “I tried to make sure that the focus stayed on their relationship… It’s not about Whitney at all, other than her being a wife and mother. So, I think that helped take the pressure off a little bit.”

Dennis says it was very exciting to be able to take on such a huge role.

“Huge shoes to fill… but with that came huge responsibility as well because I feel like we all love and respect her so much. So, that was approach to the role, even Bobby Brown has never had anything negative to say about Whitney which meant a lot to me playing that role."

To find out how Brown meets Houston and the path he finds himself on after leaving New Edition, catch the two-part show on BET (DStv channel 129) on 15 Saturday and Sunday 16 September at 8 pm.